Pixel Book Reviews


Pixel Book Reviews


The Google Pixelbook lap top is definitely worth taking a look at and to consider for purchase. Though the price may be a little steep, costing at a $ 999 plus dollars but the features makes every penny count. Let’s go on a field trip and review this product to see if it is a good match for you and your needs. 


Google have spent much time to design their Chrombooks, the Pixelbook is ahead of its time with the brushed aluminum, the edges sit flush with the rubber palm rest. The new design really improved and went into another direction then older versions. This can be folded in half and be used as a tablet or arched up like a tent to watch a movie. 

Battery Life: 

An improved battery up to 10 hours of life without it being plugged in which is an improvement from prior models. Do more on a single charge. Although you will be plugged in most of the time but it is good to know you can work on the go and continue your daily life without sacrificing battery life. 

Operating System: 

One of the main benefits is the speed of the operating system. This operating system was built for speed. This enables you to use the web, apps and run programs at a much faster speed. Do more in less time. 


There never seems to be enough storage for all your personal and professional items. Google really upped their game with the new Chromebook with 128 GB storage as a standard feature and receive free cloud storage for two years. 
As you can see the benefits of Google Pixelbook may be a pretty penny but the benefits and what you get for your money is outstanding. A Laptop that can be with you for years works with you on your daily life. To read more pixel book reviews come visit our site.